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More than Business Intelligence - CLOUDPILOTS is the leading partner in German-speaking countries. Looker offers a data experience that customers love.
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Data is no longer processed like it used to be, because the Looker platform offers much more than an effective dashboard. They offer the ability to extract value from data by turning insights into meaningful experiences based on data. Create new revenue streams, revolutionary products or optimize steps within production. With Looker, adequate data processing for the future is assured.

Business Intelligence and Analysis

By creating modern dashboards, analysis becomes dynamic. Teams create high-quality reports based on reliable data to make better business decisions.

Workflows with Data analysis

Data analysis is not only interesting for customer service or the finance department. By using data in all areas of a company, money and time are saved. Looker is flexible enough for the stimulation of any workflow.

Integrated insights

Looker offers users of other BI facilities a smooth transition that encourages teams to work together. Unite your teams and give them the tools to make effective, data-driven business decisions. 

Custom applications

Looker is a tool designed specifically for users. Experienced staff will be quick to learn its use while creating data-based experiences that your customers love.

Powerful data platform

Looker's powerful data platform enables companies to get real added value from their own database. Whether it is a question of displaying the current situation correctly, or making accurate predictions. With Looker's intelligent platform, you are on the safe side.

The business intelligence solution delivers insights that make sense. With Looker's help, everyone in the company can find simple answers to sophisticated questions.

Looker supports you

One-time definition of metrics

While you focus on the business-critical definition of relationships and metrics, Looker generates the base model for you in a central location. Any employee with access can access this central repository. There are customizable metrics, customer information, variously defined lifetime values, and other data that your teams can access.

Scaling through modern technology

Modern databases have the terrific advantage of being able to query large amounts of data quickly and easily. Looker takes advantage of this by directly connecting to your database. Thus, you are able to experience this power in Looker as well. There's no data to extract, no software to cumbersomely download, and virtually no limits to what you can explore.

Pictures speak louder than 1000 numbers

Not every corporate employee is as numbers-savvy as the finance department. Looker creates easy-to-read reports and visually appealing dashboards that even novice number jockeys can use to explore patterns in data.

The inclusivity created by the simple structure of the reports helps companies establish a culture of facts and figures and build future success on them.

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