Business continuity with CLOUDPILOTS

Do you have a good understanding of your organisation’s critical business functions and the potential risks that they face? Do you know what to do if something goes wrong?

Unexpected disruptions, including the failure of internal communication channels, can severely restrict your company's day-to-day operations, even temporarily render it unable to act, and cause financial damage. As an experienced partner for Google Workspace and Google Cloud, we help you realize the exact solution that suits your needs and enables you to quickly recover from disruptions and resume operations.

Every company should ask themselves what critical functions could endanger their business, as an unplanned outage can occur at any time. According to the 2022 Situation Report by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), there was a 10% increase in reported IT security vulnerabilities in 2021 compared to the previous year.¹

¹ Source: Seite 52, Lagebericht 2022 des Bundesamts für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI):


What causes downtimes? 

  • Malfunction on the provider side 
  • Cyber attacks 
  • Machine and hardware errors 
  • Human actions (or errors) 
  • Natural disasters 
  • Pandemics/ epidemics
  • Technical reasons 


What is the impact of downtime on your company?

  • Downtime can lead to disastrous consequences for a company. If it´s unable to communicate with customers or employees, it´s practically paralysed and unable to make key decisions. 
  • The company is almost unable to function if it can´t access its data. Work processes come to a halt and productivityx sinks to zero. 
  • The costs of downtime can be straggering an can lead to financial difficulties for the company. Every moment the company can´t work means a significant loss of income. How high that loss is depends on various factors, such as the type and duration of the downtime, how many systems are affected and which data. This can also vary considerably within a company or sector. However, accordning to Bitkom, the German economy is expected to lose around 223 billion euros per year.²
  • Downtime can cause a long-term damage to a company´s reputation. A lack of communication with customers and business partners can result in their dissatisfaction, eroding their trust in the company and potentially causing long-term damage to its reputation. 

² Source: 

We work with you to create a tailored solution

Business continuity refers to an organisation´s ability to identify issues, assess their potential impact and swiftly restore normal operations following downtime by scaling and implementing a recovery strategy. This avoids high costs and mitigates potential damage. Our Business Continuity solution is based on standardised processes, making it quick and easy to use. 

How to plan business continuity properly

First, we analyse the business implications of any potential issues. 
What consequences does downtime have for employees, customers, and (if relevant) suppliers? Who is in charge of what? 

By identifying potentially critical activities, processes and resources that do not yet have recoveryy strategy, we can uncover any potential gaps that need to be addressed in the planning phase. 

We compile a list of critical factors that impact your ability to deliver products and services, assess the risk of downtime and provide a detailed description of recovery steps. This will enable you to act swiftly and effectively in the event of emergency. 

In addition to helping you devise a set of guidelines to address defects in individual components, we evaluate the overall plans, ensuring that the guidelines interact with one other seamlessly. Our approach is always tailored to fit your specific requirements and risk factors. 

We create a guide that integrates both crisis management and a recovery plan, utlining all potential risks and required actions. In conjuction with pre-assigned authorisations for individuals or teams, this guide streamlines your response to system downtime, enabling you to reacht quickly and efficiently. 

Creating plans for emergency situations is important, but the only way to detected and eliminate gaps is by regularly conducting tests. We leverage over twelve years of experience in Google Workspace and Google Cloud to provide practical, hands-on support. 

What we offer you

The service provided is based on our customers' individual wishes and can be adapted as required 

  • Creation of a business continuity plan to continue operations 
  • Creation of a business continuity solution for company communications
  • Creation of a guide for disaster recovery
  • Synchronisation of pre-selected  files and tools 
  • Creation of a disaster recovery site in Google Cloud 
  • Encrypted oofsite backup in the cloud 

Google Workspace: 

  • As a disaster recovery solution for existing Office 365 or other collaboration environments - to Google Workspace with backups of relevant tools.
  • If you are using Google Workspace as your primary system, you can switch to another Workspace instance or create backup. 

Google Cloud: 

  • Cooperation with our specialised partners (HYCU/ Google Actifio) to set up disaster recovery for resources on GCP 
  • Individual inspection of costumer environments with experienced architects, to ensure all business coninuity requirements are fulfilled.