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The digital fast lane

In short, CLOUDPILOTS puts companies on the digital fast track. By offering professional advice on the use of Cloud computing solutions for companies and organizations, we help accelerate and drive digitalization using the Cloud. We also provide support in choosing the best Cloudservices. Depending on which software and hardware offers the greatest added value for users and what can best be integrated with the systems already in place in the company, we advise different approaches to solutions. The goal of our work is to create the greatest added value for our customers.

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It's not just about IT. It's about competitive advantage.

From old to new with state-of-the-art Cloud technology

Benefits from the Cloud

Maintaining a company's IT infrastructure – backing up data, upgrades, storing files to email systems, etc. – takes a lot of time, commitment and money. Cloud computing changes that. That's because Cloud Computing is the way of working of the future, creating a world where business applications can be delivered via the Internet and accessed from any device. 

Tasks previously performed locally are moved to the Cloud – "Cloud" is just a superficial term for "a pay-as-you-go service that can be used via the Internet and is scalable". And with less time spent keeping systems up and running, IT team capacity is freed for strategic use in the future!

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