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With Google's Cloud Infrastructure Assessment you'll get results fast. Make fully transparent and data-driven decisions to modernize your IT infrastructure.
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The free Infrastructure Assessment from Google Cloud & CLOUDPILOTS helps companies make informed IT decisions. Together we start your Cloud experience risk-free by looking at your existing IT together with StratoZone and identify optimization potential using Cloud technologies. 

StratoZone advantages

Companies with private server rooms often have serious challenges. Starting with high costs for power supply, air conditioning or fire protection, moving on to administrative tasks with regular backups or general IT security.

A well-designed Cloud solution minimizes these challenges as much as possible by handing over the responsibilities of all these tasks to third parties. In the case of Google Cloud, this is exactly their daily business. They take pain points off customers' shoulders and have hired thousands of experts to do just that.

As part of the Cloud migration program, StratoZone helps you analyze your IT infrastructure and plan which processes, applications and data make sense to migrate to the Cloud. As migration program, StratoZone is:

1. Fast

Together, we quickly assess your workloads with a solution that takes little time to install and run (typically under 45 minutes) and detects and assesses thousands of assets within hours. Initial results are typically available within days.

2. Simple

Discover workloads and assets through an automated process. No appliances, hardware or agents need to be deployed. Discovery is physically/virtually independent.

3. Secure

All data is encrypted during transmission and at rest. Customers retain control over the anonymization of data.

With the unique SaaS approach, StratoZone does the heavy lifting for you. Together with CLOUDPILOTS, participants of the assessment shape the collected data into a meaningful solution approach. In just a few minutes, you already receive the first data for the analysis of your infrastructure.

Plan cloud migration without strings attached

With the unique SaaS approach, StratoZone does the heavy lifting for you. Participants in the assessment work with CLOUDPILOTS to shape the collected data into a meaningful solution approach. In just a few days, you will receive the first data for analyzing your own infrastructure, on which evidence-based decisions can be made.

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