The new Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud-native package that promotes collaboration in teams. Free 30-day trial, only with CLOUDPILOTS!
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Only CLOUDPILOTS offers a no-ties 30-day trial! Use our contact form to reach out to our staff. We’ll be happy to schedule a chat – with no obligation.
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Google Workspace for Education
Google Workspace for Education brings the digital classroom into your home. Teachers can keep an eye on everything while students continue learning. We provide integration support for educational institutions.
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Google Workspace FAQs
The scope of Google Workspace is not always easy to grasp. CLOUDPILOTS provides a consulting service and helps you migrate to the cloud.
Google Workspace FAQs

The digital workplace rethought

Allow us to present to you: G Suite is now Google Workspace!
Thanks to a new design, compact features and tailored plans, you´ll feel right at home working in the Google Workspace. Find out more about how Google workspace provides a digital workstation in the cloud for nowcomers and seasoned professionals alike!

Work better as a team

Google Workspace brings collaboration to life. When you need to edit in real time without losing data, communicate with ease or coordinate in real time, Workspace brings the workstation of the future to life!

Reaal collaboration

Google Workspace makes it easy for you and your colleagues to access documents, tables and presentations wherever, whenever and whoever you´re working with. A quick look at Google Drive, and you have everything you need.

Data security and protecting devices 

Data protection is  top priority for companies of all sizes. However, the need for security goes far beyond simple data transfers. In Google Workspace your data is transferred, stored and archived securely. 

CLOUDPILOTS offers customers the option of testing Google Workspace for a whole 30 days – instead of the usual 14.

Email, chat and video in one place

Communication in Google Workspace 

Google Workspace applications such as Google Meet, Chat and Gmail are ideal platforms for important conversations. 

Both internal and external communication needs to run easily and in a naunced manner. Gmail and Google Chat let you communicate in writing, while Google Meet is the place for secure, professional video conferencing. All messages and video calls in Google Workspace are encrypted. 

Collaboration in Google Workspace

Collaborating in Google Workspace

Google Workspace allows small teams to achieve great things. Staff are free to choose where they want to work. Documents, tables and presentations are edited online and offline. 

People can work on the same document simultaneously. They can use the integrated chat to discuss tasks in real time, or clarify open questions immediately using the comment function. 

Together with CLOUDPILOTS

When do you feel confident boarding a plane? We at CLOUDPILOTS are responsible for your well-being in the cloud. Our mission is to help our customers reach new digital heights. With our cutting-edge technology and top-notch service. we´ll help you soar towards your goals while you sit back and enjoy the smooth flight.

Store everything in the Cloud with Google Workspace

Cloud storage

Google Drive is the central cloud storage location for all your company´s files. Your employees can user their laptop, tablet or smartphone to easily access the files they need. Authorisations determine which colleagues can see, download and edit which files. 

All changes to files are automatically saved to Drive, so you always access the latest version.

Your documents remain safe

Increased Security 

Security options in Google Workspace, such as two-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO) or mobile device management, keep your company data secure. You can decide how long to archive emails and recorded chats, and much more. Google has done a lot to make Workspace secure. 

You can easily configure security settings from a central admin console. If you need help, you can reach Google support 24/7. 

The design of Google Workspace

The new logos give it a completely new look that makes it stand out from its competitors. 

In the new Google Workspace, individual applications flow into each other, creating an integrated platform for company users. 

Code-free programming

The new Google Workspace also includes AppSheet. The latest version of Workspace allows you to create applications without having to write a single line of code. From now on, if you want to build applications that fine-tune the most advanced workspaces, all you need is a good idea. 

Over 2.5 million applications have already been created using AppSheet. Here are a few examples!

Google Workspace FAQ'sThe most frequently asked questions answered hereFAQ's
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