Google Drive

Secure storage for your business. Google Drive makes managing important files a breeze, while always maintaining adequate security.
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Google Drive - Cloud Storage

Google Drive is the secure storage for important files. While encryption keeps your data safe, your colleagues can easily access it when they need to.

Sufficient cloud storage space

Plenty of storage

Whether you're still on the old G Suite plan or already moving into the new Google Workspace environment, Google Drive offers enough storage for all your needs. Centralized administration, data loss prevention, and Vault for Google Drive make it easy to manage file shares and meet compliance requirements.

AI supported search

AI supported search

Google's AI brings up all the files that are relevant to you in real time. With features like DeepL access and Google search improvements through Machine Learning, important content, collaborators, and dates are filtered without having to search for them directly.

Shared Drives für Teams

Shared trays

Files stored in shared repositories belong to the whole team, so that all members can access and edit the files when necessary. All of your team's documents remain safely tucked away in an easy-to-manage and shareable storage space.

Use offline files

Open files offline

With Drive File Stream, you no longer need to consume storage space on your PCs. You still access your files directly from your computer, but they are stored in Google Drive. This saves you from synchronizing files and gives you more time to focus on your core business.

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