Google for Education

Google for Education brings the digital classroom home. Teachers keep track while students continue learning. CLOUDPILOTS helps educational institutions integrate!
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The digital classroom

Google for Education brings virtual classrooms home with the perfect combination of simple hardware and digital tools, to support a smooth classroom experience.

Distance learning made easy


CLOUDPILOTS is an official Google for Education partner and is happy to support schools and teachers in consulting and implementing practice-oriented solutions. Together with our partners, we offer a full range of services, from suitable hardware to necessary software.

Google for Education provides teachers and students with various tools to enter the digital classroom from anywhere. This allows schools to learn and study together, even at home. G Suite is a simple yet powerful tool that helps teachers satisfy students' curiosity and foster group cohesion with interactive tasks.

Hardware for teachingThe right hardware ensures equal opportunities among students.Acer Chrome
Practical experience

CLOUDPILOTS employees have already gained a lot of experience in integrating digital solutions in educational institutions. Read how our colleague was able to help an elementary school set up digital classrooms in our case study

Through our partners Google and Acer Chrome, we are the perfect partner for educational institutions of all sizes, as we provide a seamless interface between hardware and software. We are happy to support you with consulting and implementation of practical solutions.

Mr. Scheele from CLOUDPILOTS trained our entire team of teachers on how to use Google G Suite via Google Meet video conferencing. Further support was also provided via digital tools.

Sabine Melka PrincipalKGS Mettmann

The right hardware for the classroom

Whether in times of distance learning or during normal lessons - digitalization is also advancing in schools. Acer Chrome offers wonderfully simple yet elegant hardware that makes learning easier for students and teaching easier for teachers. Click the button to learn more about our products.