Google Workspace FAQs

Google Workspace is not always self-explanatory. CLOUDPILOTS is happy to help with consulting and migration to the Cloud!
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From G Suite to Google Workspace

What happened to G Suite?


Can I migrate files from my current storage solution to Google Drive?
How much storage do I get with Google Drive?

Google Meet

Can external users participate in a video call?
Do I need to install new software?
Are third-party services required for access via dial-in number?

Google Sheets

What features does Google Spreadsheets support?
Can I use keyboard shortcuts in Google Spreadsheets?
Can I convert tables in another format to Google Spreadsheets format?

Google Forms

Do I need a Google account to fill out a form?
Can I specify that a confidential form is only accessible to my company's employees?
Can I process many responses with Google Forms?


What are the advantages of the paid version of Gmail?
Can a user have multiple email addresses?
Can I migrate my existing emails to G Suite?

Google Calendar

Can I create a group calendar?
Can I migrate and sync all my calendars?
Are there appointment reminders in Google Calendar?

Google Workspace offers a professional advanced office suite for businesses with Gmail, Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations, Drive, Calendars, Online Meetings and more.

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