In Google Workspace and G Suite, users get a tailored address, for an enterprise-wide professional appearance.
Google Workspace

Communicate together with Gmail

The professional Gmail solution

With Gmail it is even easier to keep track of everything. The basis of Gmail are secure emails without advertising. But you can also chat, make voice and video calls, and keep track of your own projects with the help of shared files and tasks.

Personalized addresses for companies


Individual e-mail-adresses

Business email addresses, such as max.mustermann@yourcompany, will ensure the trust of your customers. The professional appearance is important to build a strong business. That's why you can also create mailing lists for groups in Gmail, e.g. vertrieb@deinunternehmen

Integration with Google Workspace Apps



Comprehensive integrations

Gmail can be transformed into a central workspace. This way you can send emails in one tab, stay in touch with colleagues via chat, send invitations to Google Calendar, and more! Plus, link your favorite third-party apps using add-ons in the sidebar.

Full safety features



Reliable protection

Numerous features protect you and your data. Of course, the security precautions of the entire Google Workspace especially refer to Gmail.

Machine learning

Machine learning - integrated in Gmail - blocks spam, malware and phishing at over 99.9%. 

Data protection

Data protection is one of the highest priorities, especially in companies, and in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) the necessary security is guaranteed.

0% Planned Downtime

You can count on Google's global infrastructure to be available to you all year round. Automatic backups, spam protection, and industry-leading security measures protect your data.

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