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The expertise of our Cloud pilots is based on years of experience with companies from different industries. Find your industry here.
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Our employees have many years of practical experience with G Suite as well as profound knowledge of the existing systems in large and small companies. Through continuing education, joint meetings and updates, we make sure that each of our pilots stays up-to-date with the latest technology. In this way, customers are guaranteed a certain standard of quality.


Our team, consisting of qualified and certified specialists (Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialists, Google Apps Certified Administrators and Google Apps Certified Sales Specialists), quickly finds its way around even complex corporate structures, thanks to years of experience.

Cloud solutions are efficient, secure, innovative and cost-effective. They are very adaptive and therefore suitable as a solution for a wide range of application scenarios  also in your industry! Together we look at what makes sense for your company, discuss further steps and tackle the task together!

Below are pages on which examples of Cloud solutions are demonstrated. The strong adaptability and high flexibility of Cloud services enables individual support for customers. Each request is analyzed individually and, based on that, CLOUDPILOTS offers its customers suitable solutions.