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The ultimate self-service tool for workspace administrators. Advanced Admin was designed and programmed by CLOUDPILOTS, and is updated continually
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Advanced Admin Features
All our functions have been developed with a focus on simplicity, streamlining laborious tasks for swift completion.
Advanced Admin Features
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Advanced Admin -
The ultimate Self Service-Tool for Google Workspace. 

Advanced Admin is a tool developed by CLOUDPILOTS Software & Consulting GmbH. It offers a wide range of functions that facilitate administrators` daily tasks in Google Workspace. 

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Advanced Admin is simple and user-friendly - the perfect prtner for your administrators. Whether you`re migrating emails between accounts or editing individual users in the console, Advanced Admin delivers practical solutions that simplify these tasks, requiring just a few clicks to complete. 

We needed a central solution that would remove, or at least considerably ease, the burden on our IT department. We wanted them to go back to focusing on their core tasks and not on user management in Google Workspace. The Advanced Admin and in particular the Mail Migration solution were just what we needed.

Sascha WenzelProject Lead Workplace TechnologyViessmann

Advanced Admin targets sensitive user-management pain points, providing administrators with practical, realistic solutions.

Gabriele ZehChief Operating OfficerCLOUDPILOTS

When developing Advanced Admin, we focused on making life easier for administrators by reducing the number of steps required.

Julian KleineHead of DevelopmentCLOUDPILOTS

Identify and eliminate pain points 

As a self-service tool, Advanced Admin prioritises easy management of unsforseen changes. It allows administrators to edit individual users, migrate data, roll out company-wide email signatures and much more. 

Absence of employees
Employees on vacation
External communication
Internal Communication
  • Easy to manage 

    Advanced Admin was programmed so even beginners can use it easily. Its features are designed to be inuitive and self-explanatory. During development, we were careful not to create many individual features. We wanted to keep things nice and clear. Advanced Admin includes the most important extensions for Google Workspace administrators. 

  • Saves time 

    The basic idea behind Advanced Admin is to streamline processes by significantly simplifying them on the user experience side. This can save lots of time, allowing employees to focus on more important core tasks. 

  • Transparent

    Advanced Admin`s audit logs guarantee that its use is completely transparent. Every task performed using Advanced Admin is immediately documented in the audit logs. Errors are easier to find and can therefore be corrected much more efficiently. 

  • Training

    Advanced Admin is not complicated to use. However, there may be some intial difficulties with implementing the add-on in Google Workspace. CLOUDPILOTS Software & Consulting GmbH can set up a virtual meeting to overcome potential hurdles. You can also schedule a consulting appointment with one of our staff at any time, to address any questions. 

  • Continual development 

    Advanced Admin is a real passion project for the CLOUDPILOTS developers. That`s why they are constantly working to optimise the product and ensure users have the best possible experience