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If you’re interested in Advanced Admin, you can test it for free for 14 days via the Marketplace.
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Via the Marketplace, anyone interested in Advanced Admin can try it free of charge for 14 days. After the trial period has expired, it is not possible to sign up again. After the trial period, an employee of CLOUDPILOTS Software & Consulting GmbH can be contacted for a personal meeting to extend the period of use.

Advanced Admin enables administrators
to complete usually cumbersome task quickly.

The most important functions of Advanced
can be activated for all employees via authorizations.
This way, administrator's workload is lightened.

Efficiency is increased demonstrably through 
comprehensive and centralized 
administrator's environment.

The Tools of Advanced Admin natively don't exist
in Google Workspace. The possibilities of
Workspace are expanded for administrators.

Test Advanced Admin free of charge for 14 days 

Simply add it to your own Google Workspace via the Marketplace!

The foundation for Advanced Admin was laid by a customer's request to CLOUDPILOTS. During a conversation, new wishes and problems were presented, which were not known to us before. Simple features that would facilitate the administration of Google Workspace were part of this wish list. The development team of CLOUDPILOTS developed a simple add-on for the Google Workspace of their customers. This was so well received that the customer started advertising it to other companies.

This was followed by requests from other companies who expressed similar wishes. That's why CLOUDPILOTS Software & Consulting GmbH decided to extend the add-on, add new features and create Advanced Admin as a stand-alone product. An add-on that simplifies the administration of Google Workspace and makes otherwise time-consuming tasks quickly manageable. Tasks that are time-consuming in the everyday life of administrators and take the focus away from more important projects are now done quickly with Advanced Admin.

Advanced Admin was born out of necessity; the customer needed a quick and practical solution to migrate emails of former employees. In the meantime, Advanced Admin has become much more. Today, it helps administrators save an incredible amount of time in their daily work and redirect their focus to more important tasks.

Julian KleineHead of DevelopmentCLOUDPILOTS
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