Advanced Admin Features

All functions have been designed to focus on their simplicity and to make, otherwise cumbersome tasks, quickly performable.
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Advanced Admin's tools are not available in this form in Google Workspace. From mail migration, to data transfer, to setting signatures, Advanced Admin offers solutions that can be performed by anyone. The tools are designed with simplicity in mind, making otherwise cumbersome tasks quickly doable.


The dashboard keeps users up to date. All updates and enhancements of Advanced Admin are presented here. This provides a quick overview of the latest changes and keeps everything in view at all times. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use.




Gmail signatures can be edited & customized in no time. The rollout of the signatures is done in Advanced Admin on OU level. Through a WYSIWYG and HTML editor, new signatures can be created and already finished signatures can be saved. 

Signatures in e-mail create a uniform corporate image that can be changed rapidly if the situation demands it. Signatures provide an additional advertising platform that can be used for disseminating information or presenting the company.

Mail Migration

With Advanced Admin, emails can be copied from one user to another without further ado. If an employee forgets to refer important business contacts to a present employee before going on vacation, mail migration comes in handy. By transferring communication to another employee, nothing is lost, especially important communication.


Advanced Admin's Out-of-Office feature is indispensable for colleagues who tend to forget the out-of-office note. The out-of-office notes can be created and edited individually for each user. The administrator accomplishes this easily by selecting a user to edit via Advanced Admin. He then has the option to create subject, start & end date as well as a reply email on behalf of the out-of-office user. The intuitive editor of Advanced Admin makes it possible.




Delegating mailboxes is easy with Advanced Admin. The feature allows access to a colleague's mailbox. Messages can be read & sent on their behalf. As a result, business operations are not interrupted even if an important communication interface fails.


Advanced Admin enables the management of calendars by employees. Appointments can be created or edited, users can be added directly to calendars and resources, and there are many other options. Thus, the most important people and appointments are visible to users in the calendar and nothing is lost. 

Group management

Groups can be created directly by an administrator by default setting. This ensures that incorrect group settings are not accidentally set by individual users. Errors such as internal groups being accessible from outside are now a thing of the past. This is because the administration is carried out from a control center with Advanced Admin.

Audit logs

A good argument of Advanced Admin is error prevention. But what happens if an error occurs in Advanced Admin itself? If this is the case, audit logs can be used to quickly find out where the error occurred. As soon as the source of the error is found, it is immediately corrected by an administrator and the matter is off the table again.

Drive Migration

With the new drive migration, users are now able to drag selected files from one user to another. Moving a document from the repository to the shared drive is also easily feasible. The function has the same background as mail migration. If an employee has left important files behind, it is possible to eliminate this problem without much effort.