Google Voice

Regardless of the operating system, flexible telephony takes place in the Cloud. Google Voice integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace.
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Google Voice - the new way to make phone calls

Google Voice brings state-of-the-art cloud telephony to Germany. IP telephony makes employees mobile and flexible, while they continue to work via cell phone, laptop or PC. Google Voice has seamless integration with Google Workspace.

Endless users
Google's standard pricing model allows unlimited users with tailored numbers. This way, the entire company communicates effectively with each other and with the outside world.

Practically clear
Voice adapts to your everyday work processes. Number assignment, number portability, and billing all take place in the familiar Google Workspace admin console.

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Business phone numbers

Business phone calls are even easier with Google Voice. A business phone number can be set up on any device with an Internet connection. Work where and when you want, without being dependent on location or device. The simple and intuitive interface lets you get started right away! Porting existing numbers to Google Voice is possible, so that you can still be reached as usual.


Spam call filtering

With Google Voice, no more time is wasted on annoying spam calls. They are filtered and ignored so that they don't interrupt your daily workflow. This way, you and your colleagues can continue to focus on the important core business without interruption. Google's Artificial Intelligence helps you to do this!

Connect with Google Workspace

Links with Google Meet and Calendar allow your employees to focus their efforts. With Google, no productivity is lost anymore. 


Voice is ready to use right away. The best scalability is always found at Google, and they prove it with Voice. The Cloud solution grows with your business.

Operating system independent

Google Voice works regardless of operating system, whether your business uses Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows. Google is the Cloud telephony provider for anyone who wants to integrate smart and simple telephony into the workplace. Voice turns your existing hardware into IP phones. Your smartphone, laptop, computer, and landline phone become an IP phone system.

Artificial Intelligence
Google's powerful AI automatically transcribes mailbox messages and helps you configure your phone systems.

24/7 support
To ensure that no business has to take a break due to technical difficulties, Google offers professional support for Voice around the clock.

No cumbersome cabling

Save yourself an additional server, with cables that end in nirvana. Legacy phone systems are not only confusing, but also complicated to maintain.

Save money

Saving money with Google Voice is easy: You simply spend less! Instead of investing in expensive hardware, employees use work profiles on their own phones.

Rapid integration

Ready, set, go! It can be as simple as that. Your administrators have spent enough time on elaborate setups. With Voice, a number is set up and you are ready to go!