Txture enables strategic planning of your IT, rapid Cloud transformation and IT risk reduction in hybrid IT environments.
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CLOUDPILOTS and Txture are in strong partnership to provide customers with the best possible service for large migration projects. Txture provides the right technology to analyze current infrastructures or portray transformation scenarios. CLOUDPILOTS provides customers with advice and support, and years of experience that have successfully moved dozens of large enterprises to the Cloud.

Cloud migration with full control

What is Txture?

Txture is a software platform to accompany large Cloud transformations. It enables organizations to keep track of Cloud suitability of applications, cost comparison between Cloud providers and optimization of multi-Cloud environments throughout their journey to the Cloud. Txture thus accelerates the move to the Cloud while helping to optimize application during and after Cloud transformation. This allows you to focus on what matters most - aligning IT with business needs and driving innovation.

Identify new competitive advantages with Txture

Why Txture

Today's businesses face globalized competition. Market demands are changing much faster than before. There is also pressure to reduce costs and focus on the organization's core competencies to gain a competitive advantage and enable innovation. The complex on-premise IT landscapes of many companies present a major hurdle to quickly adapt to these realities. To enable cost savings, flexibility and innovation, more and more companies are migrating their applications to the Cloud.

Txture is a software platform that enables large enterprises to move their IT systems to the Cloud quickly, in a security-compliant and cost-effective manner. This increases customers' IT agility and creates competitive advantages at a time when speed of response to market demand is critical to a company's success or even survival.

How Txture works

Txture's core technology is the continuous learning Cloud Knowledge Engine. The "knowledge base" contains up-to-date data on over 100,000 Cloud provider services, including IaaS, PaaS, CaaS, and SaaS services with their pricing, certifications, and deployment locations. Armed with this knowledge, Txture calculates the best transformation scenarios for our customers and gets smarter with each transformation. This makes Txture a neutral Cloud broker for enterprises looking to reduce their dependency on Cloud providers, increase their IT agility and accelerate their digital transformation.

Txture also creates a continuous view of the hybrid and multi-Cloud application landscape that enables strategic management and governance of Cloud applications to consistently create and sustain business value through the Cloud.

Together with the Cloud consulting power of CLOUDPILOTS, a complete package is offered that makes it possible to migrate to the Cloud quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

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