Cloud Security

The security features of the Google Cloud Platform are considered the best in the world. Of course, stored data remains GDPR--compliant.
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Born in the Cloud

Google's security model involves all layers and is based on over 15 years of experience in the Cloud. Google protects customer data, email folders, Google search and other Google applications. The Google Cloud Platform ensures that applications and data can take advantage of this same security model, keeping all information in a virtually impenetrable and closed network for as long as possible.

Security precautions

When it comes to protecting their own data, companies take this issue very seriously - and that's a good thing. The misconception that Onprem servers can offer the same level of protection as the major Cloud service providers is still widespread today. However, Cloud security has been a big issue for a long time and providers, such as Google Cloud, have already built the most secure fortresses with certain precautions. At Google Cloud, security precautions include:

- Secure global network

- Detection of attacks

- Compliance and certifications

- Data encryption

- Site reliability engineering teams monitor the operation of platform systems

- Secured service APIs and authenticated access

- Logging

Cloud Security Scanner

Automatically scans your App Engine, Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine applications for common security vulnerabilities.

Automatic scanning

Cloud Security Scanner is a web security scanner that lets you check application vulnerabilities in App Engine, Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes.

Find security vulnerabilities

Detects important security vulnerabilities in the development stage, not the production stage. Safety guaranteed with Google Cloud.

Focus on results

The results are highlighted so that you can examine and review them in detail. You focus only on corrections.

Smooth integration

If needed, you can easily set up and run immediate or scheduled security scans with Google Cloud Platform Console.


Google Cloud Security Assessment

Security Assessment

As an expert for Cloud solutions, CLOUDPILOTS is happy to offer a non-binding consultation to clarify open questions about Cloud security. In our assessments, we analyze your existing IT and make recommendations to keep you on the safe side!

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