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Your ideas at a glance! Together we create a remote map to visualize complex ideas. Customers get -10% off the first 12 months with the code 'cloudpilots'!
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Online Mindmaps

MindMeister is an online mindmapping tool that allows you to visualize, elaborate and share ideas with others. MindMeister is completely web-based - this way, you don't need to download or update anything! Whether you're working with Windows, Mac OS or Linux, you can always access your mindmap directly in the web browser of your choice.

  • Brainstorm

    Mindmapping promotes the free flow of thoughts and helps to generate new ideas through associations. This makes it the perfect technique for creative brainstorming alone or in a team.

  • Idea management

    Easily generate, capture, and manage ideas with mindmaps. Gather feedback from stakeholders, vote on proposals, and prioritize tasks - all in a single mindmap.

  • Plan

    With mindmaps you can plan projects, develop strategies, create event concepts and much more. Planning with mindmaps is intuitive, visual and saves time!

Project management that's fun

MindMeister is perfectly integrated with MeisterTask, the intuitive project management tool that teams use to collaborate online. Once you've completed your brainstorming and planning phase in MindMeister, you simply drag your ideas into a project in MeisterTask, where they automatically turn into tasks.

  • Take notes

    Whether you're in a conference or a lecture hall: Taking notes in a mind map is not only more efficient, the notes are also more memorable than taking notes in linear form.

  • Meeting Management

    Prepares meeting agendas, creates presentations, takes notes, and assigns tasks to employees - all in a single mind map.

  • Knowledge Management

    Mindmaps enable organizations to centrally store, share and manage their collective knowledge. Thanks to their intuitive format, finding and updating information is a breeze.

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