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MeisterTask: Online Task Management

MeisterTask is a gamified tool that transports task management to the Cloud. The servers in Frankfurt enable MeisterTask to store all data securely and to benefit from the Cloud in a GDPR-compliant way! The Kanban boards provide a quick and comprehensive overview of current projects and the task distribution in teams.

Practical Task Tools

The Kanban-style boards can be customized according to your needs. Small things, like automations that create recurring tasks, but also big things, like creating new workflows is no longer a problem with MeisterTask.

MeisterTask Overview

For the perfect workflow you create as many columns as needed. Columns can be collapsed and expanded for clarity and tasks can be moved freely within the board.

The upcoming event has some to-dos? Tasks can be dragged and dropped into a calendar view - just like Gantt charts. This way everything is planned until the event!

Every team has recurring tasks. Whether it's the morning check to see if you're still in first place on Google, or the evaluation of data from the last week. MeisterTask reminds you with automations!

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Task management in MeisterTask

MeisterTask is more than just another to-do list on the Internet! Task management is raised to a completely new level by the functionalities in MeisterTask! This way you can assign tasks and set observers or set up due dates and time recording. Since the task distribution and the schedule are transparent for everyone in the team, no task will be left undone anymore!

Simple task management with MeisterTask

User defined fields
More information, means more overview! Add custom fields for things you and your colleagues need all the time!

Adding a checklist within a custom task has two advantages. On the one hand you don't forget anything and on the other hand the work process is more transparent.

Up to 200 MB can be attached in the form of files and images in a task. The attachments help you to keep everything organized in one place.

Tasks can be set as related, duplicated or blocking. These dependencies make organization on a board easier.

Analysis functions in MeisterTask

In MeisterTask, statistics and reports are quickly provided for team and project managers! Other functions, such as progress reports or safety reports, give your employees an unbureaucratic insight into the state of affairs!

More information about the product and the individual functions can be found quickly on the MeisterTask product page

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