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Collaborative, clear, innovative and flexible. Meister's tools enable teams to work efficiently on large and ongoing projects.
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Focus on efficiency: Tasks are distributed, the overview is maintained and productivity is multiplied. Get -10% off the first 12 months with the code 'cloudpilots'!
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Your ideas at a glance! Together we create a remote map to visualize complex ideas. Customers get -10% off the first 12 months with the code 'cloudpilots'!
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Project Management in the Cloud

With servers in Frankfurt, Meister hosts applications and apps for companies in the Cloud. MeisterTask and MindMeister are collaborative platforms where users efficiently plan and implement projects. Continuous updates, innovative ideas and ease of use make the products the perfect choice for companies with cross-employee and cross-departmental tasks.

Project Management

The MeisterTask and MindMeister tools are project management tools based on Cloud technologies that help companies plan and organize tasks.

Absolute transparency

To guarantee true transparency in a project, it is important to give everyone involved access to the overview. In MeisterTask, everyone is always informed about the current status.

Easy operation

The appealing UI guarantees that the tools are easy to use. Training or special courses are not necessary, as everything has been designed very intuitively.

Project Management - MeisterTask

With the Kanban method you keep track of everything that needs to be done. The project management tool from Meister lets you work together on a project easily and clearly. Via the Cloud application you can always see the status of your colleagues and what still needs to be done to successfully implement the project!

-10% on the first 12 monthsWith the password 'cloudpilots'

Mindmapping - MindMeister

To produce creative and innovative ideas, it usually takes some brain power. MindMeister is the mindmapping tool from Meister, with which you can develop new ideas with each other through the Cloud, regardless of location. Regardless of the device, you create colorful and structured mind maps that remain comprehensible.

How Meister supports you

Whitepaper: "Solve your five biggest challenges with Google Workspace, MeisterTask and MindMeister".

In this whitepaper, we discover the five most common problems organizations face and show how to leverage web-based collaboration tools (MindMeister, MeisterTask and Google Workspace) to create workflows that address all of these challenges, improve communication and increase transparency & productivity with ease.

Success Story - see!wutscher

"MeisterTask has turned out to be a very good solution for a wide variety of projects such as store openings. For each new branch, a new board is created in MeisterTask and each task is formulated in a task. Because the tasks can be assigned to individual people in MeisterTask, you always have an overview of how far the project has progressed and the To Do`s."
- Florian Bamberger, IT Specialist see!wutscher

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