Google Cloud JumpStart

With the JumpStart Workshop we realize projects in the Google Cloud. Register today by filling out the contact form below!

Taking a big leap into the Cloud

Planning a project in the Cloud but don't know where to start? The Google Cloud Jumpstart will help you get started! Workshop participants are taught basic skills that we use to develop a working prototype together within a week.

GCP in focus

The Google Cloud Platform has several advantages that companies can use for themselves - if they know how! The JumpStart Workshop is particularly suitable as a kick-start for a targeted task, supported by Google certified Cloud Architects and Data Engineers! 

Secure - Now and in the future!

The ideas and processes developed in the workshop can be implemented in such a way that they increase the daily efficiency in your company and are and remain future-proof. Together, we will look for sustainable solutions that will take you one step further than your competitors. 

The goals of Google Jumpstart

Your satisfaction in mind

It is important that we are on the same page. Therefore, at the beginning we determine the requirements for us. The satisfaction of our clients is the basis for our success and that is why we are ready to adapt to you. Give us the necessary information and we will plan everything for you so that the week has the greatest value!

Knowledge transfer

Our experts are happy to share their knowledge with you. The trained Cloud architects naturally have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the Cloud that can be useful to you. Together with them, you will build implementable projects in the workshop, which you can easily take over afterwards.

Business case

For many, the Cloud is a playground of unimagined possibilities and many question marks. In the JumpStart workshop, we will show you how GCP's tools and resources can result in a profitable, sustainable and scalable business case. The Cloud offers technologies that prepare your company for the future!

The result

The foundation for the future

You've made it: Five days of intensive workshop are over and now you have everything in your hands to get started with your idea in the Cloud! The necessary knowledge about the Google Cloud Platform is available, you have received a solution architecture design document, the first prototype on GCP basis is built and you also have the executive business case report ready to present everything right away!


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