Change Management

Change must not stop at technology when introducing Cloud-based mail & collaboration solutions. The factor "human" must be included right from the start.
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Gently into the Cloud with CLOUDPILOTS

Accompanying you into the Cloud

Demo environments and comprehensive training on the new systems support your smooth introduction to the Cloud. The additional benefits are communicated to users in a target group-oriented manner. The objective of all change management measures is to optimize the business benefits and innovative strength for you.

With the active and transparent involvement of management, users and the IT department, the introduction to Google Workspace can be seen as a success. That's why we always recommend accompanying change management measures during a changeover. We accompany you through the change process right from the start! The involvement of defined user groups at the right time minimizes the inhibition threshold in dealing with new communication tools.

Change management is based on...

  • ... the analysis of the requirements of your company

  • ... a development of the strategic Cloud vision with the management team

  • ... the development of operational implementations and communication plans with employees

  • ... the provision of seminars and training for employees

  • ... the review of the goals and milestones

  • ... the professional support to answer all questions regarding the correct use promptly and competently

Change Management at a glance

Communication measures

A communication plan defines which message is to be sent when, in which form and by whom to the employees concerned. These communication measures can have a wide variety of characteristics, which are integrated into the communication plan once planning is complete. It must also be clear which channels can be used for communication, which are available and which are not suitable. If the right measures are taken, productivity in teams can be demonstrably increased.

Marketing activities

Marketing activities are used to prepare employees for the introduction of mail&collaboration solutions in your company. CLOUDPILOTS provides a range of options to increase readiness for efficient use. A range of measures is available for you to choose from, which are then planned and implemented in collaboration with the marketing department.


Initially, a training plan is created which shows, when, how many users, should receive which kind of training. The training methods used are tailored to the needs of individual user groups, which are defined and determined together with you beforehand. We offer differentiated user training as well as intensive courses for administrators. In addition to on-site training, we offer training via video conferencing (webinars), recorded training and a platform in the form of a Google site, which allows users to access updated training materials at any time.