Change Management

Implementing cloud-based mail and collaboration solutions, isn’t just about technology. You also need to consider the human factor right from the outset.
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Gently into the Cloud with CLOUDPILOTS

Guiding you to the cloud 

We smooth your way to the cloud with demo environments and extensive training on new systems. Users learn about additional benefits that are relevant to them. The goal of all change management measures is to optimise business benefits and the power of innovation. 

The introduction tó Google Workspace will go more smoothly if you involve management, users and the IT department actively and transparently. Thats´s why we always recommend change management measures to accompany the switch. We guide you through the change process from begining to end, maximising acceptance of the new communication tooly by involving defined user groups at the appropriate time. 


Change management is based on...

  • ... analysing your company´s requirements 

  • ... developing a strategic cloud vision with the management team 

  • ... developing operative implementations and communication plans with employees 

  • ... providing seminars and training for employees 

  • ... monitoring goals and milestones 

  • ... providing technical support, so all questions about use can be answered promptly and competenly 

Change Management at a glance

Communication measures

A communication plan outlines the messages to be delivered, its timing, format and the sender responsible for delivering it to the intended employees. There can be very different versions of these communication measures, which are integrated into the communication plan once they have been agreed. It is also important to clearly define which communication channels can be used for communications, and which are available and which are not. With the right measures in place, team productivity can be demonstrably increased. 

Marketing measures 

Marketing measures are used to prepare your emplyees for the introduction of mail and collaboration solutions in your company. CLOUDPILOTS provides a range of options designed to encourage employees to use the new tools efficiently. You choose from a range of measures, and the next step is to collaborate with your marketing department to plan and implement them. 


The first step is to create a training plan. This specifies how many users should receive what kind of training and when. The training methods used are tailored to the needs of the various user groups. We work with you to define and select these groups in advance. We provide both targeted user training and intensive courses for administrators. As well as one-site training, we offer webinars, pre-recorded traing sessions and a Google-based plattform where users can access current training materials at any time.