AUTOPILOT Business Class

Business is our upgrade to Economy. This version includes more features, such as the processing of incidents and standard changes according to the fair use principle.
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Welcome to Business

Welcome to the Business Lounge! You have reached the second level of AUTOPILOT. This version includes the same services as in Economy and more. 

Fair Use

Incidents and standard changes (user, group, calendar and license management and Gmail settings) are offered according to the "fair use" principle. We are happy to help if we can and we guarantee to do so as soon as possible.

First analysis

Part of our service is to analyze your settings in Google Workspace and adjust them if necessary. This way we arrange a pleasant experience for you, which is reflected in naturally increased productivity and security.

Relaxed in Business

Successful together

Weekly evaluations of the use of Google Workspace by your employees & a Workspace update for your administrators - to guarantee you a successful start in the Cloud.

New Hire Training

Each month you will receive an exclusive New Hire Training for new employees. This avoids start-up difficulties and your new employees and colleagues start with you right away!

Advanced Admin

Advanced Admin is part of the business experience - the add-on for Google Workspace, developed by CLOUDPILOTS, makes it easier for your administrators to manage Google Workspace. In a simple design, users get features like mail migration, signature rollout, data transfer and much more.

Advanced Admin can also be tested without AUTOPILOT for 14 days free of charge and without strings attached. Try it and let it convince you!

Thank you for your interest in AUTOPILOT, our managed service for Google Workspace! By clicking the button you will get to a form. When you fill it out, one of our pilots will contact you. Together we will clarify questions, find out the best options and get started soon!

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