Release Notes

Advanced Admin 1.6.2

User Mail Migration

Advanced Admin now supports migrating mails from one user to another. This allows you to transfer mails of a user, who is for example leaving the company, to another user. You can specify included and excluded labels. If you don't specify any labels, all labels will be migrated. For the destination user a destination label can be specified. The same structure like the source user has will be created in this destination label.

Important: To use this feature Advanced Admin also needs the "" scope to read and write mails and labels in your domain. Therefore you need to reaccept those permissios in the Admin Console. You need to go to Admin Console > Apps > Marketplace Apps > Advanced Admin. If the page shows Data Access "Approval needed", you need to approve the new permissions. If it shows Data Access "Granted" your good to go.

Visit Mail Migration to start a migration.