Release Notes

Advanced Admin 1.5.0

Calendars, Groups & Manager: We are excited to release three new features Calendars and Groups and Manager


Our newest module allows the user to manage calendar ressources of the G Suite domain or of any user in the domain. One can add, delete or manage access for calendars. E.g. delegate the calendar of a user to another user or add users to a calendar ressource.


We extended the group feature. Now one can not only create a group, but list or filter all possible groups. In the group detail view one can manage members and settings for this group. We introduced a new concept for group settings management. With the right scopes applied one can now set default settings for newly created groups.



We introduce a new scope "Manager". This scope is used to manage user access for Advanced Admin. The "Admin" role is like the "Super Admin" in G Suite. An admin has full access to all tools. The manager is only allowed to provide user with access on tools he is authorized as well. So the manager role is meant to allow a finer role management.